It's time to start earning some ££ so you can stop doing the conversion back to AUD in your head!!

Finding a job works differently here than to in Aus. If you haven't secured a job before you're here, that's absolutely fine. Your best bet for finding a job is going to be to use a recruitment agency. The recruiters are paid commission for placing you, there's no cost to you, but they can also sometimes push you into roles that you don't necessarily want. Make sure you don't get bullied and stay true to what you want. Finding a job can be arduous, time consuming and stressful but there's a few things you can do which will help improve your chances:

  • Update your CV (read: résumé in Australian English) to the British format - some tips here
  • Write to as many recruiters as you want (but keep a record of who you've contacted!)
  • Post about it on our page AND group
  • You will find a job much quicker if you're looking in your current industry, but don't let that stop you from branching out - just know it will probably take longer
  • Don't lose faith! It will happen

In general you should probably lower your income expectations. Reports about the average wage in London and the UK vary widely, but the general consensus from both personal experience and speaking with a lot of Aussies here is that you will generally earn less than in Aus. But it's not all bad news, travel to Europe is cheap! And whilst rent can be exorbidant, you can save a bunch of cash by shopping smart. We also run drink and food specials at almost all of our events to help you have a cheap night out.