Flat hunting in London can be quite daunting. When you first get here, it's hard to know which areas are good to live. If you already have a job, then try to find somewhere close to your work or on the same tube line. Expect that you'll have to commute for at least 30-45 minutes in London; get those podcasts and audiobooks queued up! You really can't go wrong anywhere in London, a lot of Aussies live in Clapham and Fulham, but every part of London is different and has a different vibe to it, so check out a couple of different areas for sure.

This map shows you the median rent prices for all the "boroughs" (suburbs) of London.

You'll also learn pretty quickly that postcodes over here are specific to about 10 or 20 houses on any one street. Here's an example:


That means this property is in South West London (SW) and the rest makes up the specific location.

In terms of actually finding a flat, it's hard to look too far in advance because most people are looking for someone to move in imminently (which is great for when you first move across).

The following are really good places to start for your flat hunt:

We're also working on our own "Flat Feed" from our Facebook page which we could turn into an app. Watch this space!