We're compiling a list of travel blogs that we trust to provide you with quality advice and tips for travelling while you're over here

Our mates at The Travel Quandary are Aussies who used to live in London, have since moved home but continue to travel and write all about it. They've put together some useful guides to London and Europe and you can check them out here.

This is a travel blog from Aus which runs a bunch of different articles if you're looking for inspiration. Check it out here.

Alexx had to leave the UK in July 2019 and wasn't ready to go... so she booked travel to 52 countries in 52 weeks based purely on the cheapest flights available on Skyscanner every week! Gotta love that! Check out her story here.

Erin is an Aussie who writes a blog for Travel Talk. The added bonus here is that Travel Talk are constantly running insane deals to help you explore what Erin writes about. Check out her blog here.